I'm just (re)setting up dBpoweramp R14.2 on a new computer.
I rip my cds to FLAC then convert to m4a (AAC) using Batch Converter for my 160GB iPod Classic (bought in 2009?)
and my wife's iPod Nano (from 2010).
On the old computer I used (I think) the m4a (aac) nero codec. I've re-installed the latest version on the codec page (and also the nero file from their website) so I think everything is now installed okay.. I don't remember there being any issue with choosing an encoder profile previously.. i.e. No forced profile / force LC AAC / force HE AAC / force HE v2.

Which profile (when using .55 VBR) is it best to use if ipods are the target player ?
I think I read somewhere that they can't play the HE / HE v2 files (at least to full potential) - is this correct?

Thanks in advance