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Thread: Couple of quick questions please

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    Re: Couple of quick questions please

    Quote Originally Posted by Gilbey View Post
    I apologize for jumping in on this thread, but where on the website do I start a new thread with a new question? I have just registered. Thanks.
    click on forum at the top menu, then you'll see a list of the different subtopic forums. find one of those that best matches your post, then click on that subtopic. Then to the upper left of the screen you should see a button with a + that says "post new thread"

    edit: and it is a good idea if your subject line actually has some reference to what you are asking. "a couple of quick questions" is a useless subject line.

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    Re: Couple of quick questions please

    just click on "post new thread" try here http://forum.dbpoweramp.com/newthrea...newthread&f=19

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