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Thread: Insecure error message

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    Insecure error message

    I'm a newbie, so please excuse if dumb...

    I am getting an error message when ripping a Beatles Track: In the Rip status, in red, its says Insecure.

    What does that mean? I have tried re- ripping to no avail. All other tracks are fine.

    And in teh same column, what do the numbers after the "accurate" statement mean?

    Thank you

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    Re: Insecure error message

    numbers next to accurate mean that's how many submissions by other people to the accuraterip database match your rip. So for example, a (3) means that your rip matches the rips of 3 other people who ripped the same track. This is powerful confirmation because they used a different disk, different computer, etc. and yet had the same bits as you!

    Regarding insecure, this just means that there a some issues with the rip. In some cases, insecure just means a frame or two is not ripped properly and when you listen to the track, you can't detect the problem. This is the beauty of dbpa. If you ripped on itunes, it would rip and not report anything. So you would have no clue that there was a potential issue.

    You might try cleaning the disc then reripping. Or rip on a different machine/different drive. That sometimes works for me.

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