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Thread: CD not ejecting after ripping

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    CD not ejecting after ripping

    I have just installed dbpoweramp Reference 14.2 onto a new PC after my old PC packed up and CDs no longer automatically eject after ripping. There is no functionality on the "Options" button to set up auto-eject. I believe this may be something to do with Power Pack not being installed or reactivated - I installed Reference 14.2 using the original licence key from the defunct machine. I have a separate licence for Reference 14.2 on another PC (ie two separate licences, not a Family Pack) and on this PC CDs do auto eject, although again there is no functionality on the "options" buttons to switch on or off the auto-eject facility. Anyone have any thoughts on how to fix the problem?

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    Re: CD not ejecting after ripping

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    Re: CD not ejecting after ripping

    Thanks. I have been pretty dumb today. I was clicking on the drop down box rather than in the centre of the "Options" button. All working fine now.

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