When creating custom tags for ripping CDs to FLAC, dbpoweramp does NOT always obey the preferred vorbis comment recommendation and therefore we do not get the desired results.

For some 'standard' fields, such as Composer, this entry

COMPOSER=composer1; composer2

results in these FLAC tags:


This is correct behavior. However, for a custom PERFORMER tag entry like this:

PERFORMER=Performer1 (Lead vocals, Instrument1); Performer2 (Instrument2)

we get:

PERFORMER=Performer1 (Lead vocals, Instrument1); Performer2 (Instrument2)

As you can see, this is not correct behavior.

When writing *custom* tags as vorbis comments, dbpoweramp should ALWAYS follow the recommended practice and create a separate tag for each entry unless otherwise specified.

This is becoming a deal-breaker for us, as we want to expand on the basic set of vorbis comments in order to add important search tags to our radio station's music library. Performer is an essential tag required for each track.