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Thread: Various artists

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    Various artists

    When I rip compilation albums or albums by a group but with guests I wind up with a shot gun effect with all the individual artists registering. This makes a real mess of my index as I have to wade through many minor and often unknown artists to get to the real deal.

    An example is the album KOOP by KOOP. You’d think that I would get the whole album under KOOP but no; I get just the two tracks actually totally by them and the rest are dispersed under individual artist names.

    Another example is the sound track from the Blues Brothers which instead of appearing under one heading under Soundtrack I get every contributing artist such as "Joliet" Jake Blues which is the characters name and not even the artist.

    I am hoping that there is a way of avoiding this before I am buried under ‘secondary’ artist names. This simply does not occur if you use Windows Media Player. It somehow recognises that an album is by Koop but still maintains the individual track artists. For true compilation albums WMP locates them under Various Artists, which works for me.

    Can this be altered in some way to the WMP system before my main artists swamped by a sea of support or secondary artists?

    Is there a magic way, without re ripping, to resort all of these already ripped compilation albums?

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    Re: Various artists

    There is an "Artist" and an "Album Artist".

    And yes, you can tag after ripping. dBpoweramp has its own tagger, and other solutions I use (which are free) are mp3tag and the foobar2000 media player. All of these can also rename files according to tags.

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    Re: Various artists

    Where in dbpoweramp do you find "its own tagger?"


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