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Thread: CD/DVD Accurate Drive Shopping List (Europe)

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    CD/DVD Accurate Drive Shopping List (Europe)

    In my many attempts in finding a good DAE drive for ripping my whole audio collection, I have never been successful. But I finally found out a website in France with a lot of used drives for a bargain price that could finally please my needs for DAE. I am creating this topic to put a list of some of the best drives spotted in Spoon's accuracy list with direct links to sellers. When crawling throught the Internet and the forums I realised that I was far from being alone on this quest so I thought that making the result of my searches available to everyone would be useful to other people.

    Most of those links will point to a website in France, therefore shipping and warranty for other countries will only on depends on seller terms and conditions. Here is an Excel formated list of Spoon's drives accuracy list to help you sort the drives depending on your criterias (accuracy, number of submissions, both, ...) to help you find out what is the drive for you :

    Spoon's Drive Accuracy List for Excel.

    All of the drives listed under are less than 30 euros each, no SATA, accuracy of 98% minimum and are all shipped from France. Ask sellers if they ship abroad.

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    Re: CD/DVD Accurate Drive Shopping List (Europe)

    I just got a Plextor PX-130A for just 16 euros and it works like a charm!

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