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Thread: vbr aac question

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    Question vbr aac question

    Hi guys I'm Franklin and I am a blind person. I've been using dbPoweramp for over a year now with the help of my screenreader JAWS. When I started to convert all my 192 mp3 files to aac, I've noticed that there are three radio buttons ABR CBR and VBR. While I can choose the bitrates I want in the ABR and CBR converters, I do not find any bitrates choices from VBR. Many websites states that aac is superior to mp3, VBR is the best bitrates and I notice they have smaller file size, I go with it. When I put my converted aac files into my mobile phone< I noticed that the files have an average bitrates between 150 to 170. My current mp3 files are 192KBPS. My question is does the VBR aac converter on dbPoweramp equivalent to CBR mp3 192?
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    Re: vbr aac question

    VBR does not have bitrates, rather quality settings, with an estimated bitrate.

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