Hi All,

I am a registered (paid) user of dBpoweramp Music Converter. I am converting speech audio into m4a format, using "Nero AAC encoder", however I am getting "chipmunk" effect when I playback the converted file (this is where spoken voice is 2-4x too fast!). Does anyone know what the problem could be (possibly encoder settings?) and how I might be able to remedy this?

Also- when using the Nero AAC encoder, I am confused by being able to choose "Force LC AAC"; "Force HE AAC (<84kbps); "Force HE v2 (<40kbps)" or "(no forced profile). I am using this encoder primarily to convert spoken word (audio book) files that range between 32 and 64kbps. Which option would be my best choice?

Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated.


-Brian :headbang: