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Thread: Loud noise at end of each track

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    Apr 2012

    Loud noise at end of each track

    Just bought the pro version but now have static/noise at the last second of each track for a third of the cd's after import to Meridian Sooloos MC200. I tried all settings, secure and non secure, to no avail. Then, when using audiograbber, or iTunes with the same cd's, there's no problem. I feel a bit ripped off by this ripper.

    Also see the MC200 review on hifi-advice.com:

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    Re: Loud noise at end of each track

    You are ripping to Wave? if so you have to disable the ID Tagging, as the Meridian is not able to 'cope' with such tagged files (it is a bug in the meridian for trying to play non audio chunks).

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