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Thread: Enhancement Request: Auto-Resume for "Restore and Verify"

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    Sep 2011

    Enhancement Request: Auto-Resume for "Restore and Verify"

    I've read in other posts that the "Restore and Verify" menu item is only for testing and won't be retained after the beta period is over. For those of us participating in the beta, though, it would be nice if "Restore and Verify" could be paused and resumed instead of restarting from the first file whenever it's interrupted.

    The issue is that it only verifies at approximately 20GB/day, so a few-hundred gigabyte collection can never be verified unless the client computer is allowed to run continuously for weeks.

    Oh, and a question: If the bit-by-bit "Restore and Verify" comparison won't be present in the final production code, will there at least be a way to verify hashes of uploaded files?

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    Re: Enhancement Request: Auto-Resume for "Restore and Verify"

    There will be no way of verifying hashes on final release.

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