I am using the Multi-Encoder to rip my CDs to a lossless format for archival and AAC for my iPhone. I wanted to add some additional comments on the archival copy and for this I was using rule-based manipulation in the ID tag processing DSP Action. However, I am unclear on how to manipulate comment tags (specifically, adding to existing comments) and was not able to find any documents in the help files or through googling. Hopefully someone here can help.

I have tried this and doesn't seem to be working as expected:
IF Comment=
IF Comment=[anyvalue]
SET Comment=MY COMMENTS[comment]

If there are existing comments, this sets it to MY COMMENTS[comment] instead of replacing the [comment] with the existing comments. Not sure what I should use in the rule to refer to the existing comments.

Is there any way I can insert a newline after MY COMMENTS if there are prior comments in the metadata?

Thanks in advance for your help.