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Thread: small bugs

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    small bugs

    I first retrieve metadata from several sources, perhaps edit to my needs via the metadata review screen and then go back to the main screen to correct the release year for each track.
    If I then need to check something in the metadata review my trackwise year-changes are lost. Also once you start editing track release years there seems to be nowhere to edit the album release year other than in the metadata review.

    Playlist DSP: If I rip an album and one track goes wrong perhaps dirty or something ****ed up with the filename special characters, the rip is flagged as an error.
    Now if i correct the situation and re-rip that track, the resulting m3u playlist contains only that track and not the whole album.
    I think the ripper should pop up and ask the user whether to overwrite the playlist (i.e. same behaviour as today) or merge (i.e. making the playlist complete)

    (to my knowledge none of these behaviours are new in the beta)
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    Re: small bugs

    Year is normally per disc, you can manually do it as you have found, but anything which edits metadata based on the whole disc will revert back to a single year.

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