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Thread: Separate album and single files?

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    Separate album and single files?

    Hello all, first post. I have just started ripping all my cd collection and so far, all seems to be going well(touch wood) The albums are petty much completed and i am just about to start with a considerable amount of singles. My question is, how do i keep the albums and singles separate on burning to the attached portable HDD? There are alot of singles and albums by the same artist and i want to have separate folders for them not just all lumped in together. My apologies if this is a complete numpty question, i don't play around with computers that much.
    Many thanks in advance.
    KR Steven.

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    Re: Separate album and single files?

    Rip to \[artist]\[album]\


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    Re: Separate album and single files?

    In the main window, change the name of the album (i.e. Adele 21 to Adele 21 CD1 or Adele CD2). Same artist, different folder sturcture naming. Problem solved. :komisch12

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