I am contemplating purchasing TEST dBpoweramp Reference R14 , and am using the trial.

I’m a bit of a newbie, so bear with me.

I wish to rip to make an image of the CD and rip I to 3 formats using these codecs: WAV, MP3, and m4a AAC format.

I wish to have an exact image of the CD. There are some 3rd party applications that do this, such as CD Clone, Alcohol 120, etc., and I’m sure others as well. Programs like ImgBurn create a BIN file.

How can I use the latest dBpoweramp to create an IMG file of the CD to store, in case the original disc is ruined, gets damaged, or so forth?

How do I set it to make sure (for future reference), that the log and the Accurate Rip information is included in the folder I create of the resulting ripped files and the image?

Lastly, can I rip to Multi Encoder, I can accomplish the ripping, but can I create an image during this process?

How does the “Ripping as 1” work? Is this similar to an image? How do I recreate the CD from this? Will it be absolutely identical to the original? Assuming excellent media is used, of course.