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Thread: Windows 7 permissions

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    Windows 7 permissions

    In our domain our users are standard users to their Windows 7 workstations. We are running dBpoweramp13.5, a test of 14 shows the same results, and when a user opens CD Ripper the play buttons are grayed out. If I right click the program and run as administrator I am able to play from within. I also noticed trying to run the dBconfig program as a standard user fails but can be run as administrator. What ini or dll or exe do I have to give permission to for standard users to be able to run this program?

    Disabling UAC is not an option and shouldn't have to be in my opinion. Any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: Windows 7 permissions

    dBConfig always has to run as Administrator, as it writes system wide shell integration that is not possible under standard user.

    The Play button in CD Ripper, is more to do with tracks on a CD, is there a track listing, if there is not then the standard user is prohibited from direct access to the CD drive.

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    Re: Windows 7 permissions

    We see the track listing when a CD is put in but are unable to preview it using the buttons along the bottom. I will see what I can do about permissions to get this feature working. Aside from that it seems that everything else is working as expected.

    Thank you for getting right back to me.

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