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Thread: Utorrent crash and burning errors

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    Utorrent crash and burning errors

    It was few years ago it happened now but I transfeer and copying DVDRs to the HDD I wonder about one thing.
    and would like to know when I have bought a new computer so I do not get any errors on the new one

    I have a question: I got wrong on a few downloads of audio flacfiles when utorrent crashed (got some message of if data loss)

    But not really knowing what it was about. Because the downloads still was 100% (or less if they was not completed when the crash happend an I restarted up utorrent again. It continued at the same %

    Then later when I burned a few audio CDR from the downloaded flac files (burned with Nero), so I notice when I play them the music suddenly becomes silent in the middle of the song where it should not be any silence , do not first know what is wrong.

    Could mention that I did not realize what was wrong first time it happend because I used black CDR and more silvery where it is difficult to see what is burned/recorded data / audio.

    But discovered the error when I used a Verbatim AZO CDR, then it was
    as a dark ring with empty data / audio There it should have ben data/audio recorded

    I guess it had to do with the utorrent crash

    Now for my question,have it damaged the burner / CD reader / audio CD player (portable) when I burned tthe disc or playing them afterwards?
    (Different machines when I first did not know what was wrong and tried them in various players)

    I came anyway until it had with the lost data in the utorrentcrash and made new downloads ...

    Since I did not think much about it, so I've burned some backup DVDR with flac files afterwards (which I know they are error-free files but U burned them with the burner I used to burn the discs there I got the errors, wondering if it could be something wrong/error with them anyway and possibly harm other readers ...and players

    Addition: I know they will be no errors on the other discs because I had verification of DVDR discs afterwards but you can not have it
    audio from the file because it is a bit different for audio files and flacfiles / data files when a CD does not contain any files just tracks...

    (This is the most important question I have )
    Then I wonder if the DVD recorder, may have damaged the silver original audio CD I ripped afterwards...
    (need to know so I does not damage a CD player)
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    Re: Utorrent crash and burning errors

    Bad audio files does not damage hardware (beyond clicks which are sent to speakers)

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    Re: Utorrent crash and burning errors

    Well, speaking of crash, usually it happens in cars,planes etc. Most of the time it never meant to happen, but that's part of life. Everything is uncertain. But the good thing is, to avoid crash accidents on land vehicles, EDR was invented.It was initially used by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration in 1991 to determine the information surrounding a car crash, the automotive industry knew it was the wave of the future. Today, a car computer catches a great deal of data regarding your driving habits within its crash recorder, and even save your life by notifying authorities in the event of a crash, through a service like OnStar. But for some, the EDR represents an unnerving invasion of privacy - and they'll be standard in all automobiles by 2013, states the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.Anyways, If you want to know more about his, I give you my reference: Event data recorders: Saving lives and invading privacy.

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