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Thread: Can't even start despite download

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    Can't even start despite download

    Can't even start despite download
    I paid my $38 via paypal to download the CDripper program onto my five year old MacBook Pro after perusing the site for the first time and not seeing any separate version for Mac vs. PC. The download proceeded and left an icon on my laptop; "dMC-R14.2-Ref-Registered.exe". However when I hit the icon, my laptop (MBP) tries to launch the iMovie program to read it and then announces that the program is not a movie (duh). What have I done wrong and how do I fix it? Sorry to ask such a fundamentally dumb question! Please don't tell me the program is not suitable for Mac or that I can't recover my $38 paypal payment....

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    I am pissed!

    There is NOTHING immediately apparent to the consumer to indicate that the DBpoweramp cd ripper is not Apple compatable. I am sure I am screwed in terms of getting a paypal refund, but I'm a lawyer, so I shall see.................
    To the people behind this site-you complete incompetent JERKS!!!

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    Re: I am pissed!

    I suspect Spoon will give you a refund. But in any case it looks crystal clear to me that this program is only windows compatible, and it says this just below the purchase button on the web page (see the text from this page below). And your response here is what gives lawyers a bad name. Before even posting a question for clarification/help, you're waving your law degree and threatening to sue. I would think as an attorney, you'd be able to read the (not in small print!) details. And quit acting like a spoiled child. This is a business transaction and it can be fixed (or not). Crying about it won't help.

    From Purchase screen:
    dBpoweramp Music Converter R14.2 6.7 MB
    21 day full functionality Reference trial R14 New Additions | Version Features | Version Changes
    Compatibility: Windows 7, Vista and XP Service Pack 2 or newer (64 bit versions included). Linux supported through Wine. Fully Unicode compatible.

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    Re: I am pissed!

    Compatibility: Windows 7, Vista and XP Service Pack 2 or newer (64 bit versions included). Linux supported through Wine. Fully Unicode compatible.

    There is a 21-day fully functional trial, why did you not use this to make sure the program works before purchasing it, as stated at the top of the purchase page:
    All programs have a full trials, before purchasing check the program functions as required, refunds cannot be given after registered program is downloaded.

    You didn't read the warnings, so unless Spoon decides to make an exception, you probably won't be getting a refund.

    Thread locked.

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