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Thread: Help salvaging these CD-Rs

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    Help salvaging these CD-Rs

    I have some CD-Rs with private recordings that I want to rip. They play fine but when I secure rip them I get tons of frames that need reripping. I tried switching to burst mode but then when I playback the ripped file I hear tons of dropouts. Is there a way to get the music data of the CD in real time as I don't hear any errors then. The slowest rip setting DBPoweramp offers with my CD drives are 10X or 4X and both of those speeds result in tons of frames to rerip.

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    Re: Help salvaging these CD-Rs

    Try a different CD drive.

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    Re: Help salvaging these CD-Rs

    You might want to also look into one of the CD "resurfacers" that buffs off some of the bottom of the CD to try to buff past some of the scratches. I think one example is a SkipDoctor or similar. Typically involves a "wheel" that spins and buffs off part of the CD.

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