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Thread: Audiosafe

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    Smile Audiosafe

    Hi. The audiosafe thread seems to have been closed, so I have opened another, and thought it might be useful to let you know my experience.
    I have installed it on a WHS V1 server (by Tranquil). Installed via remote desktop. I haven't worked out how to get it to run as a service, but as long as I log on via remote desktop and then just close RDC without logging off it works fine. The upload speed was very slow with version 6, (40-60KBPS) but now I have upgraded to version 7 it is uploading at 460KPS, so 10x the speed, and more at the speed I am used to with the broadband connection I have, so hopefully it will be less than 6 months before my 500GB music collection is uploaded. I wonder if the improvement is client or server related?
    Audiosafe is an excellent idea. The addition of a streaming service like Mecanto (for a fee of course) would make it complete!

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    Re: Audiosafe

    A specific WHS version will be around this next quarter, which will run as a service.

    As AS gains more data, it is able to self speed up over time, that is how it is designed.

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