I am trying to convert about 365 gigs of flac files to mp3's. I would like to retain the files in the original folders instead of converting them all into
individual files. I searched for how to do this and have found people have asked the same question as me. I know that I must use dynamic naming and type this--- [origpath]\[origfilename] , but I am unable to click Dynamic under Output Location because the text is grey and not black. I can click
on Original Folder and Folder but not Dynamic. Any help as to what I am doing wrong would be great! Also, once I am able to click dynamic, should I
type [origpath]\[origfilename] or Mp3/[origpath]\[origfilename]. Also converting flac to mp3 240 kbps said it would take 3 days and a number of
hours, would converting to "standard" 190 save me some time? Thanks for all your help!