Startet ripping my Cds.

One of them had 6 tracks full of errors, difficult to read, but at the end with silent mode and all the repair-SW in it, it worked.
After a second one. well done.

While I put in a completely new and unused CD entered, i heard a little scratching noise - horrifying...
Ripping worked, but on regarding the CD i saw the same scratches as on the other one which had errors...

Although I handle my CDs always extremely careful, nevertheless introducing the last CD cautiously caused by evidence damage on it.
Inspection of the VERY slim entry of the outer case of the statement showed it showed not well softened enough to avoid damage.

Now,whilst introducing the Cds in the slot, I handle my CDs like iŽd handle a glass of Nitrogycerine....

So, dear manufacturer, change the not so well done finish of the case rapidly (soft, well done rounding of the downside part of the slot and/or treatement of the Surface with teflon? )

I am satisfied to the present with the statement, BUT: concerning the finish not too happy with that, because the second CD now scratched was one of a Limited Edition of the new-released Beatles-Collection by EMi.... holy shit!!