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Thread: Batch transcoding maintaining same file structure

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    Batch transcoding maintaining same file structure

    Hello everyone,

    I originally ripped my entire music collection using dBpoweramp to .wma Windows lossless. I have recently decided to transcode my entire collection to .m4a Apple Lossless and would like to do so without having to pull out all of my CDs again and re-ripping them one by one. I also like the idea of selecting an entire genre in my music catalog and letting dBpoweramp Music Converter perform a batch conversion on them at night while the computer isn't in use.

    I conducted a test and the results were less than stellar. dBpoweramp Music Converter transcoded the files correctly, but the resulting file hierarchy got all messed up. Since Music Converter utilized meta tag information from each track to create the new file hierarchy, albums with various artists ended up in seperarate folders (a compilation album with 12 tracks ends up with 12 new folders). Also, a lot of the albums have extended date info in the meta information (such as the actual release date of the album (ex. 10 23 2007) instead of just the year and the resulting new file structure creates an album folder with the entire date instead of just the year. I'm sure there are even more problems I haven't even encountered yet.

    I have my catalog setup as follows:
    Genre->Artist->Album(year/title)->Title (track */song title)
    ex. Hard Rock/Seether/(2007) Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces/01 Like Suicide

    Is there a way to setup Music Converter to transcode my collection and maintain my existing file structure? Essentially I would like Music Converter to mirror my existing file structure without using meta information.

    PS. Please don't turn this thread into a .wma lossless versus .m4a debate. I plan to keep both copies in both formats but need a copy in Apple Lossless for all of our Apple devices. Thanks!

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    Re: Batch transcoding maintaining same file structure


    as the naming

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    Re: Batch transcoding maintaining same file structure

    Quote Originally Posted by Spoon View Post

    as the naming
    Easy enough. Thank-you!!!

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