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Thread: Are there any guidelines for DBPoweramp CD Ripper

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    Are there any guidelines for DBPoweramp CD Ripper

    Does there exist any kind of documentation for set up & use of CD Ripper?
    I plan to load about 4-500 CDs as .WAV files into a music library for Windows Media Player.
    That library is to be used by Windows Media Center.
    So far, experimentation with one option then another has taken an extraordinary amount of time.

    I have a few issues to resolve:-

    The worst issue is that WMP being very persistent about applying less than stellar updates, to work already complete.
    One source of these updates is a remote database. I might now have that under control.
    However I am guessing that WMP might also be applying updates based on the tags provided by CD Ripper.
    Is that the case? If so how can I get control of that?

    CD Ripper is presenting an issue when a single album rips into several albums fragments.
    I guess that the software works better than that, if I choose better parameters.

    Similarly, when I try to rip a multi-disk album, I have the later disks stepping all over the previous output.

    Files like desktop.ini must be in the directory structure of the library so that WMC & WMP are able to tie tracks to albums, and albums to artists.
    If CD Ripper has a way of generating these it would be good to know.

    I have searched around, but have not found good answers to these questions.

    If someone can point me in the right direction, I will sing their praises.


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    Re: Are there any guidelines for DBPoweramp CD Ripper

    In your dBpoweramp folder, there's a Help folder. It contains links to some helpful information.

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    Re: Are there any guidelines for DBPoweramp CD Ripper

    You need to disable the option in WMP to automatically update tracks, after this is disabled then nothing is effected by it.

    Because you are ripping to wave it has limited tagging options with other programs, that is why albums are not tied together, tags should be in the audio track, not a desktop.ini

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    Cool Re: Are there any guidelines for DBPoweramp CD Ripper


    Thanks for your help.
    I am on a roll now.

    Stopping the random dirty WMP updates is critical.
    Album art is no longer being overwritten, and the directory structure is not getting re-organized.

    To rip of a box set of CDs with dBpoweramp, it was necessary to force each disc to be 1/1 and add Disc 1, Disc 2 ... to the album names.
    Otherwise all the tracks would appear together as one big album, sequenced by the original track numbers.

    Otherwise everything that I use seems to work seamlessly.

    Using dBpoweramp to make a selection of album art & metadata from several databases or by manual entry BEFORE ripping is definitely better than otherwise.
    Certainly have more chance of finding the correct album art.

    The rips are now predictable and stable.
    I can now perform rips on my desktop, then stage folders to the WMC box in my living room.
    I do the same thing with movies using Media Browser.

    The option to disable autorun is a nice touch when you are working with piles of CDs.

    BTW yes, desktop.ini does nothing useful.

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