I have a new Naim Superuniti which has provided me with a strange problem. I have a variety of high-res FLAC recordings with one different characteristic - bit rate is either 13,824 kbps or 4,608 kbps (per dbPoweramp). Other settings are identical: 24/96, 6 channels, same FLAC encoder, 45% compression. The Superuniti plays the 4,608 kbps files, but not the 13,824s. (Both sets of files play fine in Winamp and Media Center 16.)

I've tried converting them with dMC to other formats supported by the SU, keeping the lossless settings the same, but they fail to play (WAV, uncompressed FLAC). AIFF files (at 13,824) play but are missing certain segments of the recording, sounding hollow and missing track portions (that was weird!). Only converting them to a lower res WAV worked.

I cannot find a way of reducing the bit rate on dbPoweramp, but would like to keep the music as high-res as possible.

Any ideas?