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Thread: Russian metadata not working

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    Russian metadata not working

    I just purchased Ripper R14.2.
    Everything is going fine until I hit some foreign disks. It finds the metadata for some Russian cds, but the titles come back corrupted.
    I do have the correct character sets installed, Cyrillic in this case.

    I have tried manually selecting each of the metadata providers, and I get the same result each time.
    Where should I begin troubleshooting this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Russian metadata not working

    It is likely the disc is only present in freedb where it is stored incorrectly (as ANSI local Russian encoded, rather than UTF-8).

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    Re: Russian metadata not working

    Years ago, I ripped them to mp3 with some other software, probably WMP.
    The tags are all correct in the old mp3s. I cannot tell what the meta source was at that time.

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