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Thread: New forum style

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    Sep 2010

    New forum style

    Not a fan of the new pastel color scheme, which is difficult to read and hurts my eyes, but I simply cannot figure out what the icons mean. There are at least three distinct colors, gray, washed-out blue, and washed-out red. Then there are two forms of closed envelopes, one a simple envelope, and the other an envelope with stuff sticking out of it. Finally, some threads appear in bold type, while others do not, and that's the only thing whose meaning is clear to me, though using the washed-out blue text causes eye strain. It never occurred to me that the old forum style was broken, and IMO the new style is worse in every way it could be worse. Is it possible to choose a different style?

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    Re: New forum style

    Here's an example of a site that I find a lot easier to read:


    I guess the icon usage there has never bothered me, because they're a lot smaller and thus easier to ignore, and the text with its usage of bold/normal is easier to read due to the colors they use.

    P.S. I know about the icon legend at the bottom of the page. The point is, I'll never remember it, because I go by the bold/normal text plus message count, and the large icons apparently will always be distracting to me.

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