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Thread: Problem viewing audio properties

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    Problem viewing audio properties

    I have dbPoweramp installed on two systems, both running Windows 7. On one of those systems I cannot view audio properties when I right click on the file and select properties. I do see those properties when I hover the mouse over the file. Can anyone explain to me what the problem might be? Thanks.

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    Re: Problem viewing audio properties

    Sure...it's just a setting in dBpoweramp Configuration.

    • Open the Configuration utility (START -> All Programs -> dBpoweramp Music Converter -> Configuration -> dBpoweramp Configuration)
    • Go to the Music Converter tab
    • In the first section, "Windows Explorer Integration", checkmark the options you want.

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    Re: Problem viewing audio properties

    On the system which is not working, try to uninstall dBpoweramp, reboot Windows, then reinstall.

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