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Thread: dBpowerAMP Music Converter R9 Beta 3

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    Apr 2002

    dBpowerAMP Music Converter R9 Beta 3

    The next installment, this one has a few changes to Audio CD Input - Rip as one gets Frame From and To boxes, a few fixes, Audio CD Input gets the 'output to folder'on its option page, File creation remembers the last 10 settings.




    For details on Professional Frequency Conversion built into dMC read here (older Beta 2 msg):


    Complete changes:

    Audio CD Input - Send a (WM_USER + 101) message to Audio CD Input it starts ripping
    Audio CD Input - Options Menu gets a new 'Character Replacement' option window - now possible to set the characters that are replaced and with what (certain characters such as * / cannot be used in filenames)
    Audio CD Input - Added Track right click menu pictures
    Audio CD Input - Power Pack Option - Compilation button gets a menu for multidisc albums - so can set a track offset number like 10..11..12
    Audio CD Input - Option to output to folder is also on CD Input page, this has fixed a bug where installed on a fresh machine and never ripped with options, it would try to output to 'Same as Original', ie an Audio CD.
    Audio CD Input - Option on 'Rip as One' to set From and To Frames - for finer control
    Audio CD Input - File Creation page - Remembers the last 10 entries for quick selection

    CDA Input Codec - Supplies more info for popup info tip, now more compatible with dAP

    Codecs - Added 'Professional Frequency Conversion' option to dMCs Configuration page, the following codecs are compatible with this option - Wave, mp3 (Lame), Ogg Vorbis, WMA v8

    dMC Config - for Mp3 - Added option to create V1 and v2 id tag files

    mp3 Lame - uses Latest Lame 3.92

    bug fix - when ripping from a CD, it makes sure that delete source files is not checked.
    bug fix - If using 'Auto Rip' - now will not show the options page - will just convert
    bug fix - If using 'Auto Rip' and 'No freedb Messages' and the Disc is not found in freedb the disc is now auto ripped
    bug fix - Audio CD Input would incorrectly switch of NT Built-in CD Communication method if ASPI was not installed
    bug fix - Well sort of, reworded the warning about 'DSP Effects in use' when using Aux Input, to mention 'Volume Normalize'

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    thanks for the new featurs Spoon.

    I have been testing out the new rip as one feature and I needed a calculator :D to see what was going on.

    it certainly is fine tuning :D

    these are the figures I worked out.

    1 frame being .013 sec apprx

    4500 frames = 1 minutes
    9500 frames = 2 minutes

    etc etc...

    because I work with 1:30 sec samples, wherever I choose to start a sample I simply the just add 6750 frames in the "to" box which will always total 1:30 sec playing time.

    example: if i was starting my rip at 11500 frames i would add 6750 which would make the "to" box 18250, giving me the 1:30 sec sample.

    this in combination with the fade in and fade out whilst ripping is working well.
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    It would have been quite difficult to even do it by Minutes and seconds, anyway down at the bottom it tells you the exact start and end times in M:ss.

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    May 2002

    Waveform amplitude

    Hi Spoon, I know most people rip with stereo, but had you noticed the difference between the mono and stereo settings when a rip is done? The amplitude of the mono output file goes beyond its range yet the stereo is safely within the boundaries.

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    There was discussion of this before for the new Frequency conversion, I shall have to make a slight addition because microsoft just seem to add the stereo components together...

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    Which newest built version of LAME 3.92 is using this beta 3 ?
    Can U also give the release Date when possible ?

    THX ARcane

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    I didn't make a note of it, just before full release of dMC r9 (in 3 weeks) I will reget it and note it in the versions file.

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