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Thread: Problem Installing Nero AAC Codec - Need Help!

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    Problem Installing Nero AAC Codec - Need Help!


    I am registered user of program and tried to install Nero AAC Codec using directions from website found here (and posted below) but the link to Nero's website is no longer working correctly. When I do a search for AAC Cdoecs on ther Nero website, I can find zip file "NeroAACCodec-1.5.1_2" , but there is no folder "win32" inside the zip file, so I am lost from that point of the directions for "Installing Nero AAC Codec: n the dBpoweramp website.

    If someone would please investigate and let me know how to proceed, I would really appreciate it. Thanks! -Brian

    *****Installing Nero AAC Codec
    This codec relies on the Nero Digital AAC encoder, it can be downloaded only from Nero directly:
    Installation Instructions:
    1) download the Nero codec Zip package from:
    2) Open the zip file (by double clicking on it) and open the folder win32, select neroAacEnc and copy (Edit menu >> Copy). Open a new explorer window, it is important the old zip window is left open (press Windows Key + E) and browse to:
    C:\Program Files\Illustrate\dBpoweramp\encoder\m4b (Audio Book)
    In the above folder select (Edit menu >> Paste). After extracting the following files should be present in the above folder:
    encoder Text Document
    Nero Bitmap Image
    neroAacEnc Application

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    Re: Problem Installing Nero AAC Codec - Need Help!

    The download should be NeroAACCodec-1.5.1, and it does have the Win32 folder when extracted.

    I think this question comes up regularly, so I wrote up some directions that I hoped would make it a bit clearer. Take a look and see if they help. (Let me know....I obviously need to edit those if there's a problem.)
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