This is my first post. dbpoweramp and this forum are just amazingly helpful.

What determines the song’s Rating in dbpoweramp?

I presumed the "Rating" was a hybrid of the album's AMG rating and the identification of certain tracks as AMG Track Picks.

For example, Donald Fagen’s album Morph the Cat is rated by AMG at 4.5 stars, and H-Gang (among others) is a Track Pick. Thus, dbpoweramp predictably shows most songs as 4 stars but H-Gang as 5 stars.

However, when inserting Neville Brothers Brothers' Keeper, the ratings for all songs come up as 2.5 stars, but AMG rates the album 3 stars with no AMG Track Picks.

The mismatch on Brothers Keeper between AMG’s album rating (2.5) and dbpoweramp’s song ratings (3) suggests my presumption above is incorrect. Do one of the other meta data providers’ ratings impact things?

In the event the Brothers Keeper situation is an anomaly, is it a rule that dbpower amp docks most of Morph the Cat’s songs a half star (i.e., 4 instead of the album’s 4.5 AMG Rating) because it wants to show the AMG Track Pick’s as a full star higher than the others? Might another album with those AMG ratings/Track Picks show most songs at 4.5 and the Track Picks at 5? Is there a fixed rule here?

Thank you!