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Thread: Updating RipNAS S1000

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    Sep 2011

    Updating RipNAS S1000

    Just started in this forum today. There are a lot of very good threads with many information. I searched for my questions but didnīt find it yet. So I posted this as a new thread.

    I thought, that my S1000 would update everything automatically. But this is only for Windows-Updates! What about dBpoweramp-updates? I found on my S1000 the DBConfig.exe showing lots of nice things and offering "Copy Versions to Clipboard".
    This is the result:
    dBpoweramp Music Converter: Registered Reference
    Release 13.2
    PerfectMeta (CD Ripper MetaData): Access Expired
    RipNAS does not use this PerfectMeta license (it has its own)
    DSP Effects: Release 3
    Asset UPnP: Release 3
    Batch Ripper: Release 1.3 [Registered]
    dBpoweramp CD Writer:
    Audio CD burning simplicity
    And the second buttom offers "Check for Updates" - Showing me a lot of Updates I could or should do?

    1. Is there a function of automatic updating? Or do I have to look from time to time "Check for Updates"?
    2. What is included in the S1000 - what do I have to pay?
    3. Who tells me which updates to do best - what is recommended?
    4. Who gives me the "way how to update correctly"? (Close this, uninstall that, check for....)

    For your information: I am using the S1000 for ripping and being the Asset-Server for a LINN-Setup. Further more I use my TV as a screen for the S1000 so I can access directly and miss-use it for Kinsky-Desktop on TV with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Updating RipNAS S1000

    The versions of software you have are the latest for RipNAS. It is not recommended to go to later versions. Why? stability, there has been no need to update the RipNAS software.

    When a new version of Asset comes out there will be an update button on the Asset settings page.

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    Sep 2011

    Re: Updating RipNAS S1000

    So I just have to wait and look from time to time into my Settings of the Asset Upnp.

    Thanks for the quick anwer!

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