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Thread: m4a conversion to mp3 fails

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    Exclamation m4a conversion to mp3 fails

    For some reason Forum Search returns 0 results if I search for "m4a" so forgive me if this is dealt with before the first two pages displayed in the forum.

    I recently updated to v 14.2 of dbMC and since then I appear to have lost the ability to convert from m4a to (in this case) mp3. LAME is there and works and m4a (labelled Apple Lossless Release 14) is apparently there too according to Config. However when I attempt a conversion it fails with the message:

    Error converting to mp3 (Lame), '<file location>'
    DirectShow filter for '.m4a' file types is not installed, or audio file is corrupt [dDecoder::Open]

    The files are all from CD rips in iTunes and they play perfectly happily in all the players I have that support the format. In addition other files I successfully converted previously from the same source no longer convert and also play perfectly. I have tried reinstalling the codecs and also reinstalling the product as a whole, with no result.

    Any suggestions would be most welcome.


    --Richard E

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    Re: m4a conversion to mp3 fails

    Uninstall the dBpoweramp DirectShow decoder, and use the native m4a decoder, which is built in.

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