Im new here and i have been thinking of buying the Music Converter.

However i have a few questions,

Is the program fully compatible with x64 OS (windows 7 Ultimate)
I have the trial but i installed it on a test 32 bit PC
Also if i have the 007 shark codec pack installed, will the program Use the codecs from 007 shark or the ones installed on demand (flac in specific)

I ask this because 007 shark codec pack comes with almost every codec for every file EVER. :P

Also will this support tags in WMP 12 ie make WMP show the tags or not

Plus lets say that the primary use of this program would be to edit tags and get tag support in explorer

Don't you have another Cheaper product that does just that?

Thanks in advance

Please help the program seems descent, but these questions need to be answered if i am to make a decision