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Thread: flac uncompressed > flac 5

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    flac uncompressed > flac 5

    So, i'm in the middle of ripping my collection (500+ cd's) and have a 2 TB drive (and another if needed) so i'm not too concerned with space...i've been ripping as uncompressed - i know compression doesn't remove information and therefore the quality is the same - but i just like the idea of having it uncompressed...

    My question is, if i did decide to rip at Level 5, could i down the road convert those to uncompressed and vice-versa?

    thanks in advance,

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    Re: flac uncompressed > flac 5


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    Re: flac uncompressed > flac 5


    The compression setting in FLAC does not affect the accuracy of the resulting file. It is still a lossless file that you can later decompress and or convert to any other loless or lossy format. The compression setting simply tells the FLAC endcoer how much effort to put into the encoding. The maximum level (8) will result in slightly smaller FLAC files but they will take longer to generate. If you decompress them, however, you can compare the binary contents of the files and see that the uncompressed data is identical to the original or the decompressed outpt from any FLAC file compressed at a different setting. Also the compression setting makes very little difference to the decoding effort required.

    Hope this helps.


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