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Thread: m4a CBR is not CBR

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    m4a CBR is not CBR

    I convert all of my music from lossless to 256 kbps CBR m4a. I've always preferred it that way.

    However, I installed dBpoweramp on my new laptop and started converting music with it and noticed something strange: Whenever I set it to 256 kbps CBR, it encodes not in CBR but VBR (or possibly ABR), at least according to Winamp. For most of the duration of a song, it will be encoded in 255 kbps, but at times, it will dip lower or go higher.

    So what gives?

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    Re: m4a CBR is not CBR

    What the... no edit function?

    I use the following settings, btw:
    CBR 256 kbps, force LC.

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