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Thread: Need Information

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    Need Information


    When i right click on a wave file to convert to .mp3 then the box comes up to do the conversion in the drop down box to chose mp3 there is only to convert to wave so i cant convert any files please help me rectify this issue i am now faced with.


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    Re: Need Information

    When you right-click on a music file and select "convert to" from the menu and a window opens saying dBpoweramp Music Converter.

    At the top left hand side is a box that reads "converting to."

    At the right end of this box is a button with a downward pointing triangle (or some might call it an arrow).

    If you click on this, are you saying there are no options apart from wave?

    You will need a functioning trial version or a registered version of Music Converter to convert to MP3, so this would be the first thing to check. The free version of Music Converter can read mp3 files but cannot convert to mp3. This is due to licensing requirements imposed by the patent holders for MP3.

    If this is not the source of your problem, you might try opening Music Converter, browse to select your music file and see if you are offered the option to convert to MP3 there (occasionally a situation may arise where you can access an option working in 1 direction but not in another).

    You might also see if you can convert other files to mp3 (to try to see whether the issue might not be related to one particular file).

    If this is related to one particular wave file or set of wave files, you might want to look at the characteristics (file size, channels, bitrate, bit setting, track length) of the file(s) involved.

    If you need further help, let us know what operating system you are using, what version of Music Converter, and the characteristics of the MP3 file you are trying to create (under certain circumstances you might want to create an MP3 compressed Wave file and to do this you would select Convert to Wave and select Wave-Mp3 and click on the settings button to specify your output characteristics - this option is not available if you don't have an operational trial version or registered version of Music Converter).

    Hope this helps.

    Best wishes,

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