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Thread: Id Tags Problem With Streaming Server

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    Question Id Tags Problem With Streaming Server

    I have a large number of tracks ripped as .wav files by dbpoweramp. I have just started to look at streaming the music to my hifi system and find that my chosen streamer Twonky Manager finds the file but can only pick up the track but shows the artist and album as unknown. In looking at the files in windows explorer, the tags are all in place. Strangely those tracks ripped as FLAC are ok.

    Does anyone have any idea of how to resolve this issue with wav files or do I have to rip the collection to FLAC instead. Twonky player cannot for some reason they acknowledge play flac files though it will stream to another player. Perhaps there is a streamer program that does not have this problem.

    Thank you
    Rob Harris

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    Re: Id Tags Problem With Streaming Server

    Twonky cannot read those tags, have a look at (for a UPnP server which suffers from no such problems):


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