I'm using dMC batch converter with multiple input albums, and am using the playlist writer to write playlists.

The problem is that it writes a SINGLE playlist, and not MULTIPLE playlists (one for each album). So if I'm batch converting 50 albums, it writes a single big playlist file, and not individual playlists for each album.

Is this how it works or am I missing something?

If so, then I consider this a bug (or maybe a pending feature?)

The playlist writer should be able to output multiple playlists, 'grouping' the input files based on certain user-selected parameters (such as album - would make a good default, artist, etc).

It should also handle multi-disc albums (e.g. Batman Dark Knight soundtrack has 2 discs, and so playlist writer should have options to output individual playlists for each disc, and also a single playlist containing both discs in sequence..., perhaps placed in a parent folder of the 2 discs)

So, once again, am I missing something?

This makes batching a problem for me as I am compelled to process a single album at a time to get 'nice' generated playlists per album - loosing the benefits of a batch workflow...

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this functionality - thanx Spoon

(P.S. dbPowerAmp is simply the best - that's why I'm still using it, even though I'm running Linux!)