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Thread: TEAC BD-C24SS-A : not AccurateRipps database ?

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    TEAC BD-C24SS-A : not AccurateRipps database ?


    I you contact concerning a problem of configuration.

    I use Dbpoweramp for more than 3 years with happiness, with readers CD / DVD PIONEER, PLEXTOR and TEAC.

    Today, I have just bought a new reader (TEAC BD-C24SS-A) whom I want to use as new to rippeur.

    I have just followed the procedure usual of regulation, but I have an error message:
    " This Key Disc cannot be used for offset detection (it does not match the one stored in AccurateRips database), please try has different Key Disc ".:cry:

    It's a very big problem for me because I little to have no ripp " accurate ". This reader is nevertheless of a very good quality...

    Have you a solution?

    In advance thank you.

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    Re: TEAC BD-C24SS-A : not AccurateRipps database ?

    you must keep inserting different cd's until it says it sucessfully configures

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