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Thread: MP3 Folders: Very Slow Opening

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    MP3 Folders: Very Slow Opening

    In Windows 7 (not using either Libraries or Windows Media Player 12 - I prefer control over my album art ID3 tags)), I have my mp3s organized in folders that each include columns for file name, artist name, track title, album, track number, date, and comments (all of the comments are short). These correspond to the information I have entered into the mps's ID3V2 tags.

    With this folder setup, the largest folders (around 4500 items) normally take about 40 seconds to open without dBpoweramp installed. (With just the file name column used, the opening of such folders is almost instantaneous.)

    With dBpoweramp installed, however, the (very useful) information that it adds to the context menu for each of the mp3s increases the time for folder opening to over 90 seconds.

    Anyone experienced this?

    Anyone found any kind of solution?

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    Re: MP3 Folders: Very Slow Opening

    It is not the context menu, rather dBpoweramp is reading the ID tags for the Windows property handler, you can switch this off in dBpoweramp Configuration >> Music Converter and disable the Thumbnail and property handlers.

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