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Thread: Coverting WavPack with .wvc to FLAC

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    Question Coverting WavPack with .wvc to FLAC

    Hi all

    Basically I have a bunch of WavPack files I'd like to convert to FLAC, with their .wvc files included. I gave the converter a trial run on a couple of files copied from this batch with the setting to delete the source file; however, it only deletes the .wv and not the .wvc. Which has led me to the conclusion that DbPowerAmp is only converting the lossy file, and not including the correction file. I can't find any information in the interface that it is converting anything other than the lossy information either.

    Would someone be able to confirm whether or not the software takes into account the correction files when decoding Wavpack, and whether or not I should be worried trusting my beloved tracks with the batch converter?

    Thanks very much :smile2:

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    Re: Coverting WavPack with .wvc to FLAC

    The part which does the deleting (DSP Effect) does not know there are extra correction files to delete.

    To check it is decoding correctly, convert with and without the correction file, then compare the audio CRCs (with Calculate Audio CRC), if they are different then it is safe to say it is working.

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