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Thread: write through ID tags

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    write through ID tags


    I was looking for a manual of Audio Conversion Engine (ACE) how to include id tags with the conversion to mp3. Unfortunately I haven't found it, so can someone explain to me how to do this? Can I park a XML next to the source file? And how must the XML looks like?

    I hope to hear it from somebody.


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    Re: write through ID tags

    Hi Coennie,

    Unless I am missing something, dBpoweramp doesn't have this capability. You can add tags after the encode based on filenames if you install the Tag from Filename utility codec from Codec Central. For managing audio file tags, you're much better off using Mp3tag.

    dbpa doesn't do any tag lookups or adding metadata once ripped, it will only tag files while ripping (from cd)

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    Re: write through ID tags

    It is not currently possible to import XML, but it could be added with by the developer of ACE, however it would be contracted to do so. If you are interested please get in contact:


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