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Thread: How Do I Get Windows Media Player To Display Ratings?

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    Question How Do I Get Windows Media Player To Display Ratings?

    OS: Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit (System is kept fully updated regarding Windows Updates, drivers, and software.)
    NOTE: When I use the term "ratings" in the following paragraphs, I am referring to the "stars" that are displayed in Windows Media Player/Media Center and used for creating auto-playlists based on said ratings.
    I use dBpoweramp CD Ripper to apply meta data, rate, apply DSP actions, and rip my CDs to FLAC. I then use dBpoweramp Bulk Converter to apply further DSP actions and convert my FLAC files to a separate directory as MP3s (I use the MP3s for streaming around my network and on portable devices while keeping my FLAC files as a reference "Music Archive," if you will). I have confirmed that all meta data is successfully transferred from the FLAC to MP3 version of the track - including ratings. dBpoweramp's Windows Explorer plugin displays the ratings perfectly, MediaMonkey displays the ratings perfectly, MP3Tag displays the ratings perfectly - but Windows Media Player/Media Center shows the tracks as "unrated." Is anyone else experiencing this issue or am I simply overlooking an important setting or switch in the dBpoweramp documentation?

    Thanks in advance for any insights into this issue! Oh, just a note, I go to extreme pains in insuring that each song has complete and accurate meta data, therefore I do not allow ANY media application to alter that data. I even go so far as to set both my FLAC and MP3 files as "Read Only" once I have confirmed a successful ripping or conversion session using the appropriate dBpoweramp tool.

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    Re: How Do I Get Windows Media Player To Display Ratings?

    I think wmp hold ratings internally, not in the I'd tags

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    Re: How Do I Get Windows Media Player To Display Ratings?

    Thanks for the reply, *********. I was afraid that was the case, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't stupidly overlooking a simple setting or was applying meta data incorrectly. By the way, since starting to use dBpoweramp, I have a gleaned an immeasurable amount of information and help utilizing this forum's search feature. Most of the answers seem to come from you or user 'Spoon' (Perhaps you are the same person?). I just wanted to thank you for the incredible hours you must devote per week in researching and answering everyone's questions - please know you are helping many more people than just the person posting the issue!

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