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Thread: Can't connect to DB

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    Jun 2003

    Can't connect to DB

    Hi all
    Just found this programm and it works really great, just what i needed.
    Only one little problem
    I can't connect with the music DB
    freedb server : freedb.freedb.org port 80
    CGI script : /~cddb/cddb.cgi

    is this incorrect or what's wrong???

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    Apr 2002
    The mirror could be down or too far from you or something.

    Go to www.freedb.org and check the other mirrors available and pick the one closest to you.

    I changed mine to us.freedb.org and it works flawlessly now.

    That could be something to add to the program. Add the ability to put a list of freedb mirrors, and if an error is found, try another one and another one until it works or every one of them has been tried.

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