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Thread: WHS can't configure backup

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    Angry WHS can't configure backup


    I have spent most of today trying to sort out why my WHS won't allow me to configure the backup. It seems to be backing up ok, but the "configure backup" icon is greyed out.

    I have rebooted the RipNAS (both by powering off and through WHS), reinstalled WHS (from the RipNAS), connected remotely, ( no difference ).

    The pc I'm accessing the WHS from is XP SP3, the WHS assures me it doesn't need to be updated, I've run the trouble shooter and it advised me that the Connector version was older than the ripNAS version. I'm not sure how that can be the case when I've installed WHS from the software on the ripNAS, though.

    I've repaired and cleaned the databases, and am running out of ideas. I've searched the internet, google, microsoft, and am delighted to find this forum.

    Anybody any ideas?

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    Re: WHS can't configure backup

    The WHS connector icon on your task bar is showing 'green?' indicating a good connection with the RipNAS?

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    Re: WHS can't configure backup

    Yes indeedy, on both counts.

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    Re: WHS can't configure backup

    Try remote desktop connection, then open the whs connector from the ripnas desktop, look on the computers & backup tab

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    Re: WHS can't configure backup

    Should have mentioned, I did actually try that and it was still greyed out.

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    Re: WHS can't configure backup

    just checked to see if it's backed up, as we added some music yesterday, and it hasn't. Hmm.

    As well as "configure backup" being greyed out, so is "remove computer".

    I can always back up manually, but have bought and added a Story Station (weird name) specifically so I could automate the backup process.


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    Re: WHS can't configure backup

    You might find an answer on Micorosfts WHS forums.

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    Re: WHS can't configure backup

    Thank you for all your help.

    Having discovered that the RiPNAS hadn't backed up on to the external hard drive, I did some more investigating, and found that **WHS doesn't back itself up on to a hard drive automatically**. You have to do it manually, yourself. Bummer.

    But I'm going to give Synctoy a go. It involves attaching a monitor, keyboard and mouse to the RIPNAS itself and installing it. It's a freebie from M$ and I'll be interested to see if it works.

    M$ are talking about getting WHS to back itself up, because lots of people are asking for it, but it may or may not happen.

    Thank you for your time and concern.

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    Talking Re: WHS can't configure backup

    Ok, sorted. Synctoy does the job.

    There was a very very fraught half hour, though, last night. I connected a monitor, keyboard and mouse directly to the RipNAS, installed Synctoy with no problems, and when I reconnected the RipNAS back to the network, it wouldn't boot. So then I reconnected the RipNAS to the monitor, etc, and it couldn't find its own hard drive!

    I do build computers, regularly, but even so. This is hubby's favourite toy in the whole world, and is not cheap. Got his permission to open it up (gaaaagh), checked it was all connected, it was, put it back together, and bingo, it worked.

    Have since ripped a CD and it inserted and ejected perfectly, as well as ripping perfectly.

    Phew. Next time I have to install software directly on to a RipNAS, hopefully never, I'll use flipping Remote Desktop Connection or whatever it's called. Am never moving the damn thing again. Ever.

    Jeez. Heart rate is now back to normal.

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