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Thread: Can't upgrade.

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    Jan 2011

    Can't upgrade.

    I'm considering upgrading from dBpoweramp Reference R13.5 to dBpoweramp Music Converter R14.

    However when I initiate the overly-complex procedure to find out how much this would cost, I fail at the stage where I reach link http://reg.dbpoweramp.com/getreg.aspx?ordernum=------- [Order number redacted from link].

    I reach a screen where I am invited to put in a Captcha, but there are no words presented.
    It's like this on both Chrome and IE.
    It was like this over the weekend and it still is.

    This makes me wonder if anybody is buying your product and how seriously you run your website.

    Just out of interest, how much would an upgrade be?

    To add to the drama of all this, sending an email to dbpoweramp@dbpoweramp.com gives you a bounce.

    Is anyone home?

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    Re: Can't upgrade.

    The captcha is provided by google and is called re-captcha, it is one of the most popular in the world. If the words are not showing it suggests something is blocking it from loading. Here is more info:


    Here is a link of googles you can test:


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    Jan 2011

    Re: Can't upgrade.

    As you'd expect Google's implementation works all the time for me.

    That 'suggests' that you have a feature on your site that isn't implemented properly.
    Nevertheless through repeated clicking on the link I did manage to get a ReCaptcha and the upgrade price.

    Maybe you ought to look at this issue if you actually want people to upgrade?

    And also it might be good if you didn't come up with such fanciful explanations but addressed an issue preventing customers from buying and contacting you?

    Just a thought...

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    Re: Can't upgrade.

    We are not dodging the issue, rather the captcha has been in operation for many years with very few issues.

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