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Thread: ONLY file name change?

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    ONLY file name change?

    Rather than CONVERT audio files, I was wondering if the Music Converter has an option to simply change the file names?

    I have a great deal of music already ripped to FLAC, but I'm wishing to convert the file names themselves, i.e. ...

    01 Police, The - Invisible Sun.flac


    Police, The - Ghost in the Machine - 01 - Invisible Sun.flac

    I'd like to keep the tracks within their respective folders and use the following naming convention for the file name changes:

    [IFEQUALS]artist,The [DEL]1,4,[artist][],[TRIM][DEL]1,4,[artist][], The[][][IF!EQUALS]artist,The [DEL]1,4,[artist][],[artist][] - [IFEQUALS]album,The [DEL]1,4,[album][],[TRIM][DEL]1,4,[album][], The[][][IF!EQUALS]album,The [DEL]1,4,[album][],[album][] - [track] - [title]



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    Re: ONLY file name change?

    GOT IT!

    dBpoweramp [Arrange Audio] Utility Codec

    Excellent codec. Did quick test and it worked perfectly.

    Thank you, Spoon.

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