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Thread: Asset on Windows 2003 Server?

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    Asset on Windows 2003 Server?

    Hi there!

    After having a few problems with my Client PC I decided to put Asset on my Server. Unfortunateley I always get the free version although I use the registered File for XP. This file worked as registered on an XP Machine.

    Now I'm trying to install on a Windows 2003 Enterprise SP2 32-bit english. This 2003 Server is running as a Hyper-V host, but this probably doesn't matter. Anything to look for? Is this OS supported or supportable?



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    Re: Asset on Windows 2003 Server?

    Install to the default location:

    C:\Program Files\Illustrate\dBpoweramp

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    Re: Asset on Windows 2003 Server?

    Worked fine, thank you!

    Installed in default location and as a service. Had obviously to add paths to musicfiles as unc (\\servername\share\folder) and to change the login credentials of the service to an account able to red them.

    Everything works fine now. Thanks again!



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