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Thread: Asset UPnP with Streamium WACS7500

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    Asset UPnP with Streamium WACS7500


    I have an Acer Easystore H340 running Windows Home Server and have installed the WHS Asset UPnP add-on. Using my iPhone and PlugPlayer, I can see the Asset UPnP server and can stream it to my iPhone but for some reason, when I try to stream to my Streamium WACS 7500, it does not list Asset at all.

    Both the iPhone and Streamium are using the same WLAN so it can't be port forwarding, the WACS 7500 also sees my Lacie Internet Space iTunes Server but it refuses to see Asset - any ideas would be gratefully received!

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    Re: Asset UPnP with Streamium WACS7500

    Does the streamium see any other UPnP servers?

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